About ELKA

1960    ELKA is founded as a ceramic grinding wheel factory in Türkheim by the ceramics engineer H. Lauhinger and the businessman H. Kiefer. The company operates under the name ELKA Schleifscheibenfabrik GmbH.

1975    Phenolic resin bonded grinding and cut-off wheels are launched on the market.

1990    The company, which had by now fallen into difficulty, is taken over by Mr Werner Leroch. Production switches to elastic-bonded abrasives, which are still manufactured exclusively at the company today. As a result of this switch, the company is given its current name ELKA Schleif- und Poliermittel GmbH.

1991    ELKA moves to today’s production location in Wiedergeltingen. Across 5,000 m2 (approx. 54,000 ft2) of production space, grinding and polishing abrasives are produced using modern manufacturing processes for various industrial sectors.

1998    The company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2008

2006    ELKA becomes an accredited apprentice training company. The first apprentice is trained as an industrial business management assistant.

Today, ELKA has a modern production facility with qualified employees. The company covers a large, diversified market and performs global sales and service activities.