ELKA Elastic Applications

ELKA-Elastic grinding tools are abrasive wheels bonded with elastic reaction resins, primarily from the PUR and EP product groups.

Aluminium oxide and silicon carbide are used as abrasive grains. In specific applications, diamond grains are also used.

As resins are highly versatile, tools with a Shore hardness of A 30 (approximately the hardness of mattress foam) to D 95 (hardness of electro casting resin) are used. This special type of bonding allows the grain to oscillate, which in turn leads to gentle contact with the material to be ground. As a result, the removal rate is low, but a technically perfect surface is generated.

ELKA-Elastic tools are produced in all common geometries and dimensions. Currently, the smallest wheels measure Ø 22 mm and the largest Ø 1,200 mm.

Like the dimensions, the application portfolio covers the entire range of finishing processes for all metals and alloys.

The circumferential speed range is adapted to the hardness of the wheel and lies in a range of 10m/sec. – 50m/sec.

ELKA-Elastic tools are designed in such a way that they may be used with all commercially available machines. Only the speed needs to be considered.

We make a basic distinction between 2 work methods:

Examples outlining the use of ELKA-Elastic grinding and polishing wheels in the automotive industry may be found here.

Application Examples

Finishing of roller surfaces

Application of Elka Elastic:
Defined machining of roller surface

Precise rounding and deburring of profiled workpieces

Application of Elka Elastic:
Polishing with profiled wheels, an absolutely constant contact pressure is achieved, which in turn ensures an absolutely consistent geometry ‒ even in parts with low tolerances. 

Precision surface grinding of measuring tools and precision-engineered parts

Application of Elka Elastic:
Precision-ground surfaces of
- measuring tools of the precision tool and precision engineering industry
- parts in the electrical and electronics industry

» Rounding and deburring of defined small parts in large-scale production

Application of Elka Elastic:
Even rounding and deburring on lapping machines

Finishing and polishing of special machine parts

Application of Elka Elastic:
- Manual finishing and polishing for machine parts and workpieces that cannot be finished using machines

Deburring, finishing and polishing of small parts

Application of Elka Elastic:
- Particularly suited to transition radii as well as for rounding and pre-polishing
- Adaptable, easily profiled and suitable for all metal alloys
Applications include spectacle frames, small parts for textile machines, turbine blade, etc.

Surface mottling

Application of Elka Elastic:
- Shank grinding tool for mottling surfaces made of steel, aluminium, copper and other metals

Grinding pins for polishing, deburring, cleaning and polishing

Application of Elka Elastic:
- Used in producing jewellery and precious metal goods as well as medical devices
- Also used in the precision engineering and optical industry as well as in the automotive sector, mould design, and in machine, tank and apparatus construction (pressure vessel industry)